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OLG launches new brand F_WD

OLG’s is proud to announce the first owned brand: F_WD.

OLG manufacturing and distributive know-how meets the outstanding creativity of Raphael Young to establish a new brand, which, through the use of recycled, vegan and biodegradable materials and the punchy descriptive design, offers a new approach to fashion and to collec-tions’ development.

F_WD (Forward) represents OLG’s commitment towards a world which needs to be saved trough a new ecological and social awareness.

F_WD is a footwear, ready-to-wear and accessories line, combining streetwear with references to the worlds of outdoor, military and sport, all filtered by an edgy, futuristic lens.

Hybridization is the key word of F_WD, where different worlds meet, influence each other and cross-pollinate.

Vegan leather, suede treated with chemicals, recycled rubber, recycled plastic from fishing net, recycled polyester and recycled PET are the starting point for the brand’s collections, where graphics telegraph powerful, clear messages promoting ecological activism.

Through the research of innovative materials and strong messages on the products, F_WD raises attention to the waste of plastic, one of the worst enemies of our ecosystem. Almost 5.5 trillions of plastic pieces debris in the ocean, corresponding to 300,000 tons, 50 grams for each person living on the globe. These impressive numbers cannot leave anyone indifferent. F_WD aims to give a significant contribu-tion to the safeguard of the planet through the research and the development of new material and manufacturing processes.

With the Spring/Summer 2020 season, F_WD introduces a range of T-shirts, backpacks and fanny packs, which being inspired by the same philosophy guiding the brand are crafted from recycled cotton and eco-friendly materials. An authentic example of the label’s commitment to environmental protection.

F_WD promotes a new idea of more conscious fashion, epitomized by hashtags and messages expressing the brand’s identity and vision:



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